Corporate Profile
      Service Sheet
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      Corporate Head Office:
      Suite M38, Innovation Center, Mark Shuttleworth
      Street, The Innovation Hub, Persequor ext 10,
      Lynnwood, Pretoria, 0087

      Tel:012 752 6439
      Fax: 086 695 6295

      Who are we?

      Blue Apple is a design & branding organization founded in 2006 offering brand management
      and branding projects services for companies in a retail, corporate and government sector.

      In essence we believe that a brand essence should be carried thorough all the brand contact
      points. Blue Apple is a fully black owned business.


      To create quantifiable value for our business partners by: Always striving to exceed client
      expectations.Operating our business in the most efficient and effective way so as to realise
      satisfaction, firstly in: Our employees, Our clients, Our shareholders, Communities, as
      well as all government and regulatory bodies.

      Putting priory on remaining a BEE organisation striving for the advancement of black business
      to benefit the South African nation at large.